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Achieve a faster deal flow, improve your overall efficiency and harness the power of automation by enabling the Contractbook HubSpot integration.


  1. How does the Hubspot integration with Contractbook work?
  2. How to set up Contractbook for HubSpot
  3. Doing less work and getting more done
  4. Who will find the Contractbook HubSpot integration useful? 
  5. Frequently asked questions about Contractbook x Hubspot integration

How does the Hubspot integration with Contractbook work?

Contractbook and HubSpot accounts are connected and fully synced, enabling you to automate various time-consuming manual tasks. You do this by choosing from predefined sets of triggers and actions. Pair a trigger with an action and the work gets itself done.

Scenario #1 

A salesperson is creating a contract for a deal that still hasn’t been entered into HubSpot. But with the right automated workflow, there will never again be a need to do this manually. To automate this, choose New Contract as the trigger in Contractbook and Create Deal as the resulting action in HubSpot. 

Scenario #2

A deal enters a new stage. If it’s time to draft a contract, why do it yourself when you can leave it to automated workflows? Simply choose Updated Deal Stage as the trigger in HubSpot and Create Draft as the resulting action in Contractbook. What stage in particular will serve as a trigger is entirely up to you. It can be anything from Appointment Scheduled to Decision Maker Bought-In.

Scenario #3

All parties have completed signing the contract and the only thing left to do is update the deal in HubSpot. With the right automated workflow, you can let the software do this for you instead of wasting valuable time. To do this, choose Contract Fully Signed as the trigger in Contractbook and Update Deal as the resulting action in HubSpot.

With the HubSpot Contractbook integration, the potential for automation is limitless. Here are some more triggers and actions you could combine to make your work easier.

How to set up Contractbook for HubSpot

Setting up Contractbook for HubSpot only takes a few minutes. And once it’s done, it’s done. To get started, you need to:

  1. Go to your Contractbook dashboard.
  2. Click Automations on the main toolbar.
  3. Using the left-side panel, navigate to Integrations. 
  4. Under the CRM section, locate HubSpot.
  5. Click the Connect button.
  6. Follow the prompts to authorize the integration and finish enabling Contractbook for HubSpot.

And if you’re wondering how to set up specific automations, we’ve created a handy guide to get you started. 

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Doing less work and getting more done

Take your entire operation to the next level and make it possible for your team and yourself to close more deals than ever. Enabling the Contractbook HubSpot integration is like moving into a higher gear.

Eliminating time-wasters

There’s no need to switch between Contractbook and HubSpot to look for information needed to fill out the contract. No need to wait for the contract to get fully signed so you can update the deal in HubSpot. You don’t even have to log into Contractbook after creating a new deal to draft the corresponding contract. Thanks to Contractbook for HubSpot, these can all become a thing of the past.

Speeding up the deal flow

Imagine having the contract drafted for you while still in the sales meeting. You realize the prospect is already showing interest, update the deal stage in HubSpot, and Contractbook automatically does the rest. By eliminating all the bottlenecks and time-wasters, the HubSpot Contractbook integration allows you to significantly speed things up.  

Ensuring data accuracy

With the HubSpot Contractbook integration, your CRM and contract management system are always synced. What’s more, the integration eliminates the need for filling out information manually. Contractbook can draft a document based on the data you already have in HubSpot. And the more automated these processes are, the less chance there is for error. 

Making work easier

Improving HubSpot CRM workflows and automating contract management results in a lot less tedious work for the entire team. And the less tedious the work, the higher the motivation to get more done.   

Who will find the Contractbook HubSpot integration useful? 

Sales teams

Salespeople are the ones whose success depends on closing as many deals as possible. Having to waste time on tedious manual tasks drags them down and affects their productivity. But with Contractbook for HubSpot, they can finally focus on what really matters - nurturing successful client relationships.

Marketing teams

The best way to figure out what would work in terms of advertising is to look at actual data. No marketer should be indifferent to how their company’s client relationships are progressing. And thanks to the HubSpot Contractbook integration, all this information is always just a few clicks away.


A good manager is the one that’s always in the loop. That’s why easy access to information regarding the company’s past and current deals is vital. Thanks to the Contractbook HubSpot integration, this is not just possible - it’s a given. The information is always accurate, up to date, and easily accessible.  

Frequently asked questions about Contractbook x Hubspot integration

Will I need to install additional software?

No, you’ll need absolutely nothing apart from your Contractbook and HubSpot accounts. These two platforms sync so they can work in tandem, but they need no help from any third-party software.

What permissions will I need to give to enable the integration?

To combine Contractbook and HubSpot workflows, you’ll need to authorize certain actions first. There’s a minimum set of permissions you’ll be required to give. Contractbook will need to be able to edit your deals and property settings, manage product library, and access app marketplace.

Do I need to be on any particular HubSpot plan?

No, you can even be on the Free HubSpot CRM and still integrate it with Contractbook. This applies to the entire HubSpot product library, including Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations Hubs. You can be on any available plan and still get the HubSpot Contractbook integration. 

Do I need to be on any particular Contractbook plan?

To enable Contractbook for HubSpot, you’ll need to have a Sales Add-On and be part of a Team. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can request the integration anyway by following the steps from the previous section. Click the Connect button, fill out the short questionnaire and we’ll get in touch about the upgrade. 

Does Contractbook offer other integrations?

Sure we do. The purpose of our software is to allow you to automate as many processes as possible. And to achieve that, we offer integrations for a wide range of purposes. These include Salesforce, Gmail, Podio, and ChargeBee.

Use Contractbook for HubSpot to take your operation to the next level

Speed up your deal flow and create a more efficient team just by enabling the Contractbook HubSpot integration. Request a demo today!

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