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Streamline all your processes and connect two vital tools to create a quicker, more successful deal flow. All with a single integration with an easy set up.

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  1. How does the Salesforce integration with Contractbook work?
  2. How to set up Contractbook for Salesforce
  3. The whole greater than the sum of its parts
  4. Who will find the Contractbook Salesforce integration useful? 
  5. Frequently asked questions about Contractbook x Salesforce integration

How does the Contractbook integration with Salesforce work?

You simply connect the two platforms, without the need for any additional software, and you’re good to go. The integration with Salesforce enables both real-time data flow and automated workflows. Choose from sets of predefined triggers and actions, and let the software do the rest. 

Scenario #1

You have a fully signed contract, but your CRM still needs to be updated to reflect the change. What if it didn’t have to be you who does this? Select Contract Fully Signed as the trigger in Contractbook and Update Record as the resulting action in Salesforce. And this is pretty much all you need to do to unburden your workload. 

Scenario #2

One of your deals has just entered a new stage and now there’s contract management to deal with. Unless you have the right automated workflow set up, that is. If your proposal has been accepted and you need to draft a new contract, there’s only one thing you need to do. Pair Updated Field on Record as the trigger in Salesforce with Create Draft as the resulting action in Contractbook.

Scenario #3

You have the contract drafted, but the deal itself hasn’t been entered yet. The integration with Salesforce rids you of the need to worry about tasks like that. If you want every new contract to trigger the creation of a new deal, simply set up the right workflow. Select New Contract as the trigger in Contractbook and Create Record as the resulting action in Salesforce.

For more options like these, take a look at the list of predefined triggers and actions by clicking here. Or see the integration in action by watching this Salesforce CRM demo.

How to set up Contractbook for Salesforce

Enabling Contractbook for Salesforce is a piece of cake. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log into Contractbook.
  2. Go to Automations from the top menu.
  3. Using the left-side panel, open Integrations.
  4. Under the CRM section, find Salesforce.
  5. Click the Connect button.
  6. Use your Salesforce credentials to start the integration.
  7. Authorize the permissions and click Install to enable Contractbook for Salesforce.

Want more detailed instructions on how to complete the integration with Salesforce? Here’s the guide that will answer all your questions. 

-The whole greater than the sum of its parts

Thanks to Contractbook for Salesforce, now you can get even more from both tools.

Ensuring a faster deal flow

Eliminate the need to manually fill out documents and have the contract drafted for you while still in the meeting. You won’t even need to wait for the contract to be fully signed before updating the deal in your CRM. These can all positively reflect on the time you take to close the deal.

Keeping everything up to date

Your deal information and your contract information can now always be in sync and up to date. Contractbook for Salesforce enables real-time data flow between the two platforms. So there’s no need to add manual checks to your to-do list.

Saving time and boosting efficiency

There are a lot of processes in sales and contract management that can be automated. This is especially true if you integrate your CRM and contract management systems. And less menial tasks means a lot more room for improving productivity. 

Eliminating risk of error

Having software gather data and fill out documents for you leads to fewer errors. Imagine not having to worry about data accuracy and the strain this can put on your business. You’d have a lot more time to focus on boosting your sales. 

Who will find the Contractbook Salesforce integration useful?

Sales teams

What better way to boost the efficiency of a sales team than reducing the time they spend doing menial tasks? That’s why a salesperson can get a lot out of the Contractbook Salesforce integration. With it, they get software to create their documents and automated workflows to manage their processes. And it becomes much easier to manage contracts in Salesforce.  

Marketing teams

Sales and marketing can hardly function without each other. That’s why there needs to be healthy communication between the two departments. And why waste valuable time on long meetings when there’s a much better alternative. Simply give your marketing team access to two seamlessly integrated platforms with all the information they might need. 

Management teams

Making it simpler for management to stay on top of everything is one of the smartest moves a business can make. With the Contractbook Salesforce integration, this has never been easier. Data that syncs in real time and perfectly clear visual representations are just some of the benefits this solution brings.

Frequently asked questions about Contractbook x Salesforce integration

What software would I need for enabling Contractbook for Salesforce?

There’s no additional software required to complete the integration. Obviously, you’d need both a Contractbook and a Salesforce account. But the integration is executed using only these two platforms. 

Would Contractbook require any permissions for the integration?

Yes, you’d need to give some permissions to Contractbook for it to connect with Salesforce. After all, the purpose of the integration is to make it possible for the two platforms to work together. That’s why Contractbook would need to be able to access your CRM and the assets within it.

What Salesforce plan would I need to be on?

You’d only need a Salesforce account, not any specific product. There are no restrictions when it comes to plans either. You could have an Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited plan, and still have the option to enable Contractbook for Salesforce.   

What Contractbook plan would I need to be on?

First of all, you’d need a Contractbook account and you’d need to be part of a Team. As for the plan, it’s irrelevant as long as you have a Sales Add-On. But even if you don’t have one, you can still start the integration process. Just follow the instructions provided in the previous section. And once you click Connect, you’ll fill out a short form and we’ll get in touch to talk about the upgrade.

Is the Salesforce Contractbook integration the only one available?

Of course not. We know you use lots of different tools to help you grow your business. And that’s exactly why we offer a range of integrations. For more details on what we offer, you can start with this handy list.

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